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Learn with the best.

Welcome to Sound Technique, where music dreams are not just nurtured—they are brought vividly to life. At the heart of our legacy is a simple, yet profound philosophy: We teach the teachers!

This isn’t just a tagline; it's a testament to the depth and breadth of our impact on the music education landscape. Founded by an impassioned visionary, Sound Technique has been a beacon of musical excellence since the late 80s, evolving through the decades to remain at the forefront of music education.

Our distinguished faculty, all protégés of our founding owner, embody the pinnacle of musical pedagogy and passion. This lineage of excellence ensures that every lesson, every note, and every beat resonates with the wisdom of years and the freshness of contemporary relevance. It’s a tradition of greatness, inspiring not just our students but also local music educators, many of whom are proud alumni of our academy.

At Sound Technique, history harmonizes with the present. We are honored to have taught multiple generations within families, a testament to the trust and respect we’ve cultivated within the community. Imagine stepping into a musical journey that your grandparents embarked upon years ago, guided by the same institution that shaped their artistic path. This is not just education; it’s a heritage.

Our alumni speak volumes of our success, gracing stages and screens across the globe, turning dreams into tangible achievements. From electrifying rock bands and orchestral maestros to groundbreaking composers and sound technicians who've left their mark on events as grand as the Olympics and venues as iconic as the Las Vegas Dome and London’s O2 Arena. Our students have not only succeeded—they have redefined success.

Our academic accolades shine just as brightly, with students gaining placements in prestigious institutions like Oxford, Cambridge, the Royal Northern College of Music, and many more. Yet, our commitment extends beyond admissions; we are dedicated mentors, supporting our students through every chord and every challenge, from production and writing to technical support and live performances.
The spotlight has shone brightly on our students, whether starring in West End productions, appearing on national television, or topping the charts with critically acclaimed albums. Our Instagram showcases the stories of our stars like Chapter 13, Tom Abisgold, and Jonny Renshaw of Devil Sold His Soul, each narrative a melody of ambition, dedication, and success.

At Sound Technique, we don’t just teach music; we inspire a lifelong journey of artistic discovery and excellence. Whether you're destined for the grand stages of the world, the intimate setting of a studio, or the innovative realms of music technology, your journey begins here. Dive into a legacy of musical mastery. Explore, learn, and transcend with us. Welcome to Sound Technique, where your music journey transcends the ordinary and touches the extraordinary.

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Teaching Experience

Our teaching methodologies are rooted in over 60 years of collective expertise, honed by our dedicated specialists. Our lessons are conducted by the owners of the music school as well as by our team of qualified instructors. Each member of our teaching staff is registered with the Local Education Authority (LEA) and holds up-to-date enhanced DBS Certification, ensuring a safe and professional learning environment.


Since 1990, we have had the privilege of imparting musical education across numerous local schools, establishing a legacy of musical excellence. Our founder's unique approach to nurturing talent began with teaching our current instructors during their formative years in primary schools many years ago. Continuing their guidance through their university education. This deep-rooted mentorship tradition underscores our commitment to not just teaching music, but fostering lifelong musical journeys.

Lessons are taught in five purpose-built, acoustically treated teaching rooms. We feel that the environment in which pupils are taught is paramount to their continuing development as musicians. Lessons are taught on Sound Technique's own industry standard equipment - allowing pupils to hear what they sound like on the very best equipment available.

Learning Environment

Lessons For All

Our lessons take place weekly during term times. Lessons do not take place during school holidays as to allow for personal holidays. We know that no two people are the same; we have centuries of teaching material and music available to learn - from classical to this weeks chart hits. As tutors we maintain continuous professional development and research into the very latest styles and techniques - keeping it fun at all times, but always with foundation and relevance.

We provide GSCE and A Level preparation work as part of our affiliation with local schools, colleges and universities - teaching to the very highest standards. We have a 100% examination pass rate and many of our pupils have gone on to enjoy successful careers in the music industry.

Taking Things Further

Peter Caldwell, OBE

In many ways I thought I had left it too late, as I am 58 and have multiple sclerosis. However, in just over 18 months I have mobed from being an absolute novice to being able to play, with much practice, many of my favourite tunes from Simon and Garfunkel to Frank Sinatra. None of this would have been possible without the help and particularly the patience of Simon Walker at Sound Technique. 

Steve & Zoe Buckley

Our three boys, Sam, Thomas and Matthew have had lessons at Sound Technique for a couple of years now and have loved every minute of it (as well as becoming accomplished young musicians). They are learning guitar, piano and drums respectively, in which all three of them gained distinction in their last exams. This is without doubt down to the relaxed and fun approach which Simon and Gaz adopt in their teaching. As parents we are extremely grateful for what has been achieved. 

Dorothy Gibson

I started keyboard lessons 5 years ago as an optimistic pensioner who thought it would be easy. The patience and encouragement I have received from a very friendly, knowledgeable and talented tutor, Simon, have given me the confidence to persevere and continue to improve. It proves that the right tuition can create a fascinating and interesting pastime. 
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